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Good Morning Pigeoneers! This is the Robot Pigeon…. the daily AI newsletter that makes AI as fun as a weekend in Vegas. What happens here, stays here.

Drum roll please …. 63% of us think the image below is an AI generated image and so the judges were right to disqualify it!

on with the tools of the day and if you are judging them then let me be clear …. they are very much created with the help of AI …

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🛠The Latest AI Tools from the Future ...

Affor AI Summarizes, translates, and answers your questions about documents, websites and spreadsheets

Tango. Utilize OpenAI's GPT4 within your notes and generate personalized prompts. This resource can aid in summarizing articles, enhancing your writing, drafting emails and tweets, suggesting article titles, and so much more.

Presentations Create your next presentation using ChatGPT, all built in to one simple dashboarrd

Wisely Discover more products and offers using an AI shopping assistant

📰 The latest AI News stories (as a 2 min read) 

Wildfire detection startup Pano AI extends its $20M Series A with another $17M

• Pano AI is able to detect fires and issue early warnings, which can be critical in saving lives.

• The company's system uses high-definition remote-controllable cameras - mounted onto masts provided by T-Mobile - which are monitored with an AI.

• The AI system provides highly accurate location data of any detected fire, allowing for more efficient response times for emergency services.

• Recently Pano AI closed a Series A extension, led by Valor Equity Partners, and added strategic investors such as T-Mobile Ventures and Salesforce.

• The company sells its software licenses to customers such as power utilities, landowners and government fire agencies, charging an average of $50,000 per customer station per year

• Currently the company employs 45 people and is monitoring 6 million acres of land across the US and Australia.

Two new AI-based weather-forecasting systems challenging the status quo

• Pangu-Weather, developed by a team of engineers at Huawei Cloud in China, predicts future temperatures, wind speed and air pressure a week in advance.

• NowcastNet, created by engineers from Tsinghua University with colleagues from the China Meteorological Administration and the University of California Berkeley, forecasts precipitation amounts over six hours.

• Both systems are as accurate as existing numerical models but provide results much faster.

• AI-based weather-forecasting is possibly becoming the standard approach.

Elon Musk launches AI firm xAI as he looks to take on OpenAI

• Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter, has launched his artificial intelligence (AI) startup xAI.

• The team comprises engineers from major U.S. tech companies, with the aim to build an alternative to ChatGPT and create a "maximally curious" AI in order to reduce the risks of civilizational destruction posed by AI.

• Musk predicted that superintelligence will arrive in five or six years.

• OpenAI's Dan Hendrycks advises the xAI team on AI safety, while Microsoft is an investor in OpenAI.

• An upcoming Twitter Spaces event on July 14 will provide more information about xAI's plans.

📷 Amazing AI Pics of the Day ...

I had a lot of feedback on the airbnb pics so here are a few more … do you think they all look real?

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